Lydia Li

Lydia graduated from Curtin University W.A with Master of Business Administration, she comes from a background of marketing and advertising also with diploma of leadership and management. She migrate to Australia when she was 15 years old, graduated from the top private girls school in Perth. (MLC,Claremont )

She started as a intern in the group while she was in university, and now become COO of the company, top sales in local Perth market, she has extensive knowledge and dedicated in severing in Australia Migration , Australia private high-quality education, Australia property and criminal law sectors to help her clients in every single way in their life in Australia as possible.

Being bilingual in English and Mandarin, Lydia has extensive experiences in translation and interpretation across Asia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. She worked as Assistant Translator in the International Engineering Department of YEMA Group CO, LTD in 2014, and was quickly promoted to become an independent Translator translating official documents and assisting foreign guests.

Lydia participated in Central Asia International Trade Marketing, Event Planning and Brand Promotion in 2015.